The Official Course



How can I call this course “official”?

Because in early 2000, I received this letter on EMKA letterhead from Steve O’Rourke (Pink Floyd’s manager from 1968 until the time of his death in 2003) —


And a closer view…


Some of the material provided to me by the band –through Steve O’Rourke — cannot be acquired anywhere else!


The course is presently designed in 34 sections, or modules. Each module focuses on the specific topic relating to Pink Floyd. Included in these are….

* Individual and in depth bios of all five band members!
* An in depth examination of each single and everyalbum!
* The meaning behind EVERY song, and what inspired them!
* Album art!
* Collecting memorabilia – the most complete gallery and info on Floyd memorabilia anywhere!
*Exclusive Interviews!
* An in depth look at Pink Floyd politics!
* A study of the films featuring Pink Floyd or their music!

* Radio shows featuring Pink Floyd!

* Collectible surprises that every student will receive and LOVE – available nowhere else!
* Much more!!!
This means “material you can only access as a registered student in this course.”


Registration for the complete course is $25.
The tuition for each module (section) is $50. There are a total of 34 modules.
A student receives each successive module as they pay for it. These are sent via e-mail (one at a time) if a student has a PC, or if not, may be sent via “snail mail” through the U.S. Postal Service.
Each module is accompanied by a written examination (usually between 50 and 100 questions) which must be answered and submitted to me (either by e-mail or snail mail). I then score the answers, record the score in a database, and return the score to you. Once that has happened, you are then eligible to proceed to the next module, and so on and so forth.
A passing score is defined as “any score of 75% (correct) or higher.”
A graduate of the course is defined as “any registered student who has successfully passed all sections with a passing score of 75% (correct) or higher.”
A student is given a maximum of five (5) weeks to complete the reading of each module and submit their answers to the corresponding questions for that module.
The names of all graduates will be posted on this website as they successfully graduate.
And all graduates also receive an awesome Certificate of Completion!
Will you be among the first 200 to graduate from theonlyOfficial Pink Floyd Course in the world? If you are, you will be a part of the continuing history of Pink Floyd!