I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to the following people who have either volunteered their expertise as consultants and/or provided me with information through their experience and knowledge toward my objective of making this course all it can possibly be –and then some:

Author & Fellow Floydian VERNON FITCH

Vernon is the author of The Pink Floyd Encyclopediaand The Pink Floyd Press Reports, and is co-author (with Richard Mahon) of Comfortably Numb – A History of “The Wall” – Pink Floyd 1978-1981.

I have been corresponding with Vernon since starting my two courses back in 2000. The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia was required reading for my students back then — and still is for this course!

Vernon, a Distinguished Floydian!d3be10ea44cecbfaffff818dffffffdc

Vernon’s first masterpiece, the PFE contains every Floydian connection!


 Contains every article written on Pink Floyd by the music industry since their beginnings!


This awesome creation by Vernon and Richard expose you to all the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating this milestone Floydian production!


Author & Fellow Floydian PHIL ROSE, who wrote WHICH ONE’S PINK? An Analysis of the Concept Albums of Roger Waters and Pink Floyd.

Many thanks, Phil, for giving us what is best described as “The Epitome of Pink Floyd Science”!

Phil’s book was required reading for my students back in 2000 and I highly recommend it today! Because it is out of print, I am unable to require it as reading, but if you are lucky enough to find a copy through Amazon or eBay, grab it! There are references to this book in the course.


 Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd, race car driver, and author

A thousand thanks, Nick, your all your insight and recollections of a SPECTACULAR career through Inside Out!


Craig Bailey, Host of FLOYDIAN SLIP – THE PINK FLOYD EXPERIENCE, a one-hour weekly journey through the history of Pink Floyd produced by Random Precision Media and broadcast through WBKM in Burlington, Vermont.


Craig hosts what I am betting is the most consistent, informative radio show on Pink Floyd in the world!

Since 1999, Craig’s show has furthered my awareness that there are a lot of devoted fans out there who want to keep learning all they can about Pink Floyd!

And he’s now syndicated on 5 stations including two foreign stations! So if you’re in one of these areas, tune to Craig Bailey’s FLOYDIAN SLIP!

WBKM “Burlington’s Kinda Music”Burlington, Vt.
Sat, 10-11 pm (EST)

 ErrorFM Channel 2 “Indiepop” London, England, UK
Sun, 4-5 am & 6-7 pm (GMT)

WIZN 106.7 FM “The Wizard” Burlington, Vt. USA
Sun, 8-9 pm (EST)

WRBA 95.9 FM “Arrow 959” Panama City, Fla. USA
Sun, 11 pm – 12 am (CST)

Radio Universitaria 100.7 FM Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Thu, 9-10 pm (BRT)