How to Register

You can register right here!

Registration is only $25, along with MODULE 1, which is $50. You will then pay $50 for every module after this point, which should be one every four (4) weeks. And remember: you have the option of withdrawing from the course any time you choose to do so with no further payments. But no student who started the course has yet to do so! What does that tell you?

If you wish to use PayPal, the e-mail for the account is:
Under type or purchase, mark SERVICES, and specify it is for “Registration and MODULE 1 of The Official Pink Floyd Correspondence Course”.

If you do not have a PayPal account, I will also accept postal money orders or personal checks (because I know for a fact that not everyone has or uses PayPal).

If paying with money order or check, please make payable to: K. Anderson, 5620 Main Street, Bay City, OR 97107

I will need your e-mail address for sending your modules AND your shipping address for sending you complimentary RARE student support material from time to time.