What are registered students at PFU saying about the course?


Here are some of the comments from students already taking the course…

Rusty Tozar, a student in Manassas, Virginia, writes:“I find this course absolutely informative about the lives of the greatest group in history…Pink Floyd…learning material that is not commonly known about the members, such as learning about who the songs were written about and why! I found for me personally it is easy to read and take the test while listening to and watching PULSE. I find this course is designed for individuals who are very well-versed in PINK FLOYD and who have followed the group for years, but also for the person who wants to learn about the group. I think the Professor has so far done a marvelous job creating an informative course!”

Gavin, a student in London (UK) writes: “I am loving the course! I wish something like this had been available ten years ago, but better now than never. What a special way for fans of Pink Floyd to learn even more than they knew before! I certainly am, and the reading is tailored very nicely for anyone who takes it on.”

Lou Yaccarino, a student in Leesburg, Florida writes:“I received your course material today and was very pleased with its content. After reviewing Module 1 it’s clear that the adventure that awaits me is going to be the zenith of Pink Floyd knowledge.”

Rusty Tozar writes again — this time in reference to Module 2 — “It was definitely interesting reading about Syd Barrett and who was placing him in harm’s way…I like reading about the different people and how they mingled with Pink Floyd, but the best of all is learning about what inspired the songwriters (members of the band) to write the songs. I thank you for offering this knowledge to me and all the others who join in the trip through time. I want to thank you are allowing all who seek the knowledge to have a comfortable ride!”

Sarah, in Burlington, Vermont, writes: “I am having the time of my life with this course! I thought I knew a lot about the band and its history before, but I am learning so much more from this material than I ever imagined. Very much looking forward to it all!”

Gwen, in Denver, Colorado writes: “I am amazed at what you have put into this course! I feel like I have actually been to every recording session and lots of live performances just by taking this class. I think every Floyd fan should experience this. I’m certainly glad I am!

Jerry, in West Covina, California writes: “This is a great thing you have created! There are so many things I love about it: The photographs in each section, many of which I have never seen before! The audio material that is included with the course, and glad to know firsthand that this is not bootleg material! The companion DVDs that help to understand each section even better! The general flow of the material, from one section to the next! I will be proud to be one of your first 200 graduates! I recommend this course to all Pink Floyd fans out there. They will not be disappointed in any way, shape, or form!

Gary, in Barre, Vermont, writes: I thought I knew a lot about Pink Floyd. I have seen them in concert nine times, and considered myself to be somewhat of an expert on the band for many years. Your course has shown me that there was so much about the band, its music, and its history that I was totally unaware of – wow! Just finished the 9th module and am loving every bit of this! If more Floyd fans knew about this, you’d have more work than you could possibly handle! This is nothing short of awesome!

Lou Yaccarino, in Leesburg Florida writes again (on 3-16-11): As I ready myself for the mid-term exam, I can’t help looking back at the journey that started over a year ago — and reflect on the enjoyment and knowledge that I’ve gained on my favorite group! I’m definitely looking forward to the second half of this course and the strange trip of earthbound lunacy!

Mike Lewis, a student in Bakersfield, California, writes (on May 7, 2011) — I am currently halfway through the course and am enjoying it very much! It is filled with tons of information on every aspect of Pink Floyd. There are also many, many pictures, some of which I have not seen prior to this course, and the CDs I receive (as part of the course) are just a bonus! I would recommend this course to anyone — whether they be casual fans or people such as myself (die-hards). I think anyone taking this course will certainly learn many things about the Floyd they didn’t know before! Thanks a lot, Professor! Think Pink! Mike Lewis

Lou Yaccarino, in Leesburg, Florida (PFUs Cardinal Graduate) writes on 4-3-12: Completing each of the 34 modules and learning things I didn’t know or understand about Pink Floyd was an enjoyable journey! After each module, different questions came to mind — and with research as well as listening to albums allowed me to keep the loonies on the path. I can only hope the students that follow in my footprints have as much enjoyment!